Historic Events Gallery
In this section we have newspaper accounts of milestones and events in the history of the Burchfield Companies. We present these in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format so they may be easily read. If you can not read PDF files, a free PDF reader is available by clicking here.

Burchfield's Discover Anniversary in Post
True Age of Firm Set
Through research done by the (now defunct) Houston Post, the Burchfield Company's founder's learned the birth date of the firm was 1906, not 1907.

W. G. Burchfield with Walter Ried
Armed Service Center gets Deed
Walter Reid, after which the famous hospital in Maryland is named, signs deed to Armed Service Center with W. G. Burchfield looking on.

Burchfield Blocks Up over 12,000 Acres.
U. S. Steel Tract is Hush, Hush
The Burchfield real estate firm, W. G. Burchfield & Bro., is instrumental in blocking over 12,000 acres for U. S. Steel while trying to keep the transaction a secrete.

Before There Was a Listing Agreement
1928 Property Listing
To say W. G. Burchfield & Bro., was a pioneer in the real estate industry, is highlighted by this remarkable old listing document for the Eperson Building in Houston, Texas.

Warren Petroleum/Jones Laughlin Transaction
3,000 Acre Site Acquired in 1956
The firm options over 3,000 acres for an industrial site. Note the options were in the name of the Burchfield firm, a practice still followed today when sites are being blocked for a client.

Fluor Site Secured by Burchfield
$25 million Project in 1955
Part of over $1 billion in new industry brought to Houston by the Burchfield Companies prior to 1960.