Pro Connection, Inc...

Asset Management . . .
Pro Connection, Inc., an affiliate of the Burchfield Companies, is owned and operated by Dorothy Burchfield, Rob Burchfield’s wife.

Established initially as a Woman and Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE), Pro Connection has for over twenty years managed the operations of commercial and residential real estate assets owned by the Burchfield Companies and its investors. Pro Connection is a fee based asset management company.

Pro Connection is experienced in operating every type of lease or rental property including: apartments, shopping centers, warehouse and mini warehouse facilities, industrial properties and single family detached homes for rent.

As what is now called an Historically Underutilized Business (“HUB”), Pro Connection’s participation in a transaction may bring value added to securing government contracts or federally underwritten financing.

For more information please contact Dorothy Burchfield at 713-936-5500.