Section 42 Affordable Housing Projects

Our company is the developer of moderate income, affordable housing projects known as Section 42 tax credit transactions.

Burchfield's Prior Projects
From 1995, through 2009, Burchfield completed eight projects in the Houston metro area, and one in San Antonio. Projects developed during this time are:

  • Hollow Creek -- 120 Unit Family Project -- Conroe
  • Wood Bayou -- 36 Unit Family Project -- Houston
  • Fulton Village -- 108 Unit Family Project -- Houston
  • Blue Ash -- 216 Unit Family Project -- Houston
  • Las Villas de Merida -- 160 Unit Family Project -- San Antonio

Burchfield's "Mansion" Projects
From 2006, forward, a dynamic new apartment prototype designed to look and feel like Class A market rent projects with all the amenities, called the "Mansions" have been developed by the Burchfield Companies. We are proud to present as prime examples the following:
Mansions at Turkey Creek --
252 unit Family Project --
Houston --
Mansion at Turkey Creek
Hastings Green Family
-- Mansions at Hastings Green I
-- 230 unit Family Project
-- Houston

Mansions at Hastings Green II --
252 unit Elderly Project --
Houston --

Hastings Green Elderly
Moses Lake -- Mansions at Moses Lake
-- 240 unit Elderly Project
-- Texas City

Horizonal Line

More projects are on the drawing board. Our objective is to start two to four new projects per year for the next four to six years. Not all projects now planned are to be Section 42 projects. Market rate projects, like the Lakes at Turkey Creek, Malibu Apartments, the Ocean House Apartments are also scheduled at this time. Horizonal Line

Photos of Burchfield Projects . . .

Mansions at Briar Creek, Bryan, Texas
(This Project is on Hold but this Prototype is Being Used in Other Projects)

Las Villas de Merida
Las Villas de Merida
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of the projects
Turkey Creek
Mansions at Turkey Creek
Moses Lake
Mansions at Moses Lake
Hastings Green Family
Mansions at Hastings Green Family
Hastings Green Senior
Mansions at Hastings Green Senior

Blue Ash, Houston

Hollow Creek, Conroe

Fulton Village, Houston