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Item 2-1
C. L. Bradley - January 20, 1916
This letter from Mr. C. L. Bradley, Attorney, to W. G. Burchfield outlines some of the steps being taken at that time to develop the area around the Houston Ship Channel and Turning Basin.

ITEM 2-2
Southern Steamship Company
This old photo of the Southern Steamship Company warehouse and dock facility is reflective of many of the clients of W. G. Burchfield & Bro., in the early 20th century.

ITEM 2-3
R. O. Burchfield
Hard at work over his drafting table, R. O. Burchfield is perhaps creating one of many maps we have saved and preserved on file at our offices in Houston.

ITEM 2-4
Pleasure Boat
Sailing up and down the Houston Ship Channel, when it was new, was great sport for those on board and those on the shore as well.

ITEM 2-5
Steamship "Dorothy"
The first steamship to dock at the Port of Houston was named Dorothy.

ITEM 2-6
Dairy Farm
This photo is believed to be from about 1915.