Historic Picture Gallery One
Over the last 100 years we have collected many neat and valuable photos, maps, newspaper articles and other items of interest. A few of those are presented here as a testimony to our company's long and honorable past.

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ITEM 1-1
W. G. Burchfield c1915
W. G. Burchfield, one of the first real estate agents in Houston, Texas, sits in his sporty convertible with the company's sales sign for Port of Houston in the background. Note the terms for the purchase of the lots: monthly payments, no interest and no taxes. The Port of Houston today has grown to the second largest port (in tonnage) in the United States.

ITEM 1-2
City Hall
Turn of the century City Hall for Houston is interesting for the modes of transportation on the streets in front of the building. Horse drawn and horseless carriage share the same street.

ITEM 1-3
Hotel c 1915
Not exactly the Holiday Inn, this boarding house/hotel was newly constructed in Houston in the early 1900's. Part of our historic photo collection, it is possible W. G. Burchfield & Bro., built the building or sold it as agent for its owners.

ITEM 1-4
Houston Country Club
this fine old club house was new in the early 1900's when this photo was taken. We don't know if the founding Burchfield's played golf, but their grandson Robert and great grandson Lee do when time permits.

ITEM 1-5
Houston Ship Channel Under Construction
W. G. Burchfield was instrumental in seeing the Port of Houston become a reality. We have many documents and photos which show the Burchfield family actively involved in the development of the port and the sale of land surrounding the facility.

ITEM 1-6
School, One Room or Two?
This school may not have been much in terms of facilities, but the students who were fortunate enough to go there got a good education. This 1915 vintage photo may show a Burchfield family child as part of the student body.