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Burchfield Development Group, L.P., is a Houston based multi-family development company. It was formed for the purpose of developing apartment projects for our own portfolio, and has since expanded to developing projects in partnership with others.
Moses Lake Under Construction
Mansions at Moses Lake
Turkey Creek
Mansions at Turkey Creek
The Burchfield Companies started out as map makers (cartographers) in 1906. The firm's attention to detail just came naturally. It helped make the transition from map maker to developer a natural one. It is important to remember in a transaction as complicated as a real estate development, that attention to detail is essential when the success of the venture is on the line.
Burchfield is established as one of the leading developers of Affordable Housing projects in Texas. Today the Company owns more than $200 million of such projects.
Las Villas de Merida
Las Villas de Merida

Hastings Green Senior
Mansions at Hastings Green - Senior Living


We continue to push the boundaries of technology developing exciting and innovative sites for the twenty first century market. We have a culture of innovation where our development team can make a difference.
Hasting Green Aerial
Mansions at Hastings Green Seniors and Family ~ Houston, Texas

Burchfield develops for its own portfolio and, as a consultant for clients. Representative examples of current projects of each type are listed below.

  • Northwood Business Park is an example of a Burchfield portfolio development.
  • The Mansions Projects, Section 42 Affordable Housing transactions, require the knowledge and expertise of the entire Burchfield Development' team to bring to fruition.

For a chart showing all Burchfield Companies' projects to date, please CLICK HERE.

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