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More about Xira Partners, LLC.

Xira, pronounced "Ze-rah," is Greek for "Land." So, Xira Partners is literally "Land Partners," which is what the company was originally formed to be, a land partnership.

Xira Partners has expanded its business model to create platforms from which individuals and institutions may combine resources to own properties that provide a long term income streams and appreciation in value via leases with AAA rated entities like the Federal Government.

The investors benefit from the low risk nature of the transaction, from the sharing of risk and from the knowledge and expertise of Xira's professional management team. 

A brief overview of Xira Properties' investment platforms follow:

  • Design-Build-Lease: In an ongoing program, Xira Partners is working with a number of Federal Government Agencies and/or Departments to provide new facilities (to lease) that specifically meet the needs and requirements of the lessee.
  • Specified Asset Funds: Xira Partners may also buy and lease buildings to the Government, under similar terms and conditions to the Design-Build Program, if a building can be found that meets the criteria. A specific property, or group of like kind properties are identified, contracted for, and purchased in a stand alone entity. That property is then leased to the Agency or Department seeking that specific property. No purchase is made until the lease on the property is in hand. Equity is offered in these properties to individuals and/or entities registered with Xira Partners on a first come basis.
  • Income Property Syndications: are ones in which Xira Partners, LLC gains control of a property, then offers fractional ownership in the property to investors. In most cases, these syndications are offered to a small number of accredited investors. If the transaction is large, Xira may offer the investment as a Reg. D offering, under the 1933 Securities Act, as amended.
  • Opportunity Funds: Offered via Reg. D, Section 506, to accredited investors only, the objective of the opportunity fund is to have cash available to acquire at a low cost, good properties, quickly, and with no debt. Being in a position to move quickly is of prime importance. Xira Partners' Land funds are examples of opportunity funds. Other funds, with different property type objectives are now being planned.
  • Private Equity Transactions: Private equity is represented by others who have capital to invest and who work with Xira to source those types of properties that are of interest. Private equity transactions may be structured as joint vent rues, or Xira may act as an agent on behalf of the Private Equity Group.

For more please call Paul Woodall at 713-936-5500 or email him HERE.